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July 14th 2017
Recently, I was listening to a Christian radio station. Two people were discussing evangelism. One man said, "In past, we have often been good about evangelizing people, but not very good about teaching them to be disciples." SFACC depends on churches, outside the prison, to be intentional in disciplining former prisoners, many of them baby Christians.    
May 25th 2017
When some of our sisters are released from prison, they are often faced with a choice. They can live with an old boy friend and run a high risk of getting back on drugs, or they can persevere and fight to get into a sober house. Pray for these sisters. Also, pray for Epiphany Fellowship's, our partner ministry, efforts to establish safe transitional housing for women being released from prison.
May 18th 2017
Not all of the influences at the prison are good. Am I stating the obvious? It is important to have a community, a church at the prison, where one can go to be strengthened spiritually, to meet the challenges of prison life. SFACC, under the guidance of Christ, seeks to be such a church.
May 10th 2017
One of our friends said, "I have seen SFACC as a place of need, now I am beginning to see it as a place of power." This is an astute observation. It is a place of power. The source of the power is Christ. As our sisters, incarcerated at the prison, walk with Christ, they reflect His power.
May 4th 2017
I think it was in The Weight of Glory that C.S. Lewis wrote that nations and civilizations will pass away, but human beings are different. They will live forever as beings of glory or beings of horror. I believe that Lewis was right. There are some of the prisoners who will shine like brilliant light into eternity. In the present, Christ is callin
April 27th 2017
A few weeks ago, I attended the morning session of Journey of Hope's mentor training. It is part of the training that the prison requires people to take before they can mentor a prisoner. Much of the training is science based. In the training we learned that women in prison have experienced a high number, much more so than the general population, of adverse c
April 19th 2017
I recall hearing a Catholic priest, talking about the crucifixion, say, "When good confronts evil, there must be suffering." St.Paul writing to the Romans says, "And if children (of God), then heirs--heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ-- if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together (Romans 8:17,KJV)." In the west, the church often seems rel
April 12th 2017
Someone asked one of our SFACC volunteers what it is like going to the prison each week. The volunteer responded by saying  "It is like going to church." That is not a surprising answer. SFACC happens to be a church that meets at the Timpanogos facility for women at the Utah State Prison in Draper, Utah. SFACC is recognized as a  congregation in t
April 6th 2017
Our Children's Ministry: The children's ministry at SFACC is not traditional. We meet at a women's prison, and there are no children there.One of the women at SFACC shared a letter that she had received from her teenage son. The letter read, "I want my mother back, not the out of control addict that has caused so much pain." This describes the situation of many of our sisters at SFACC.
March 30th 2017
I recently met with a Baptist minister, who will be preaching at SFACC in late April. He shared with me that a few years ago, a man that he knew was sentenced to prison in Gunnison. For about a year, the minister drove, the 4 hour round trip, from Salt Lake City to G
"I was in prison and you came to visit me." Matthew 25:36