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Murray, Utah 84157-1737

Prison Ministry

"A Ministry of Encouragement"

The ministry is powerful not because of us, but because of what God is doing at St. Francis of Assisi Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

St.Francis of Assisi Christian Church is a church made up primarily of women inmates at the Utah State Prison.

It is a church where Christ can be found and followed. It is a church that seeks to live our Matthew 25:31-40.

The people of St. Francis of Assisi Christian Church are growing in Christ by doing evangelism, Bible Study, worship, hosting (at worship) members of outside churches, encouraging one another, and living out Matthew 25:31-40.

The women, empowered by the Spirit and filled with compassion send out missionaries (from outside churches) to the homeless. The missionaries hand out socks (collected from outside churches) something that those living on the streets need to keep their feet warm and dry and a message of God's love from Christ's sisters incarcerated at the prison.

Outside churches and their members are partnering with St. Francis of Assisi Christian Church by living out, "I (Christ) was in prison and you came to visit me", (Mt. 25:36).

Everyone involved in this ministry, those in the church inside the prison and those in the outside churches, have the opportunity to minister in a profound way to the Christ described in Matthew 25:31-40.


"I was in prison and you came to visit me." Matthew 25:36